Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Levi's Fixie Bike

Remember Unik Bikes? The boys that we featured in our previous entry not so long time ago? 

This time, the master of  vintage bike restoration together with Fixerati, Brussels-base specialized rare bike parts and Brothers Cycle, London based entity known for their frames,  involved in the building of the Levi's fixed gear bike. Yes, Levi's the denim jeans company.

What's unique about this bike beside from its traditional approach to the hardware, other design elements synonymous with Levi's branding like the denim stitching,  the arcuates and the denim drop-handlebar and saddle are also included. Not to forget; the famous red tab. 

Too bad, no chance for people in Asia to have this since it was build and to be given away as a part of a recently launched Facebook "Share and Win" game for Levi's Europe participants

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