Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Read #2

The fixed gear bicycle is the simplest of human powered machines, and legions of riders have discovered the joy of the “fixie.” To those in the know, 42 x 12 is a gear ratio, and a demanding one at that, but this isn’t a book about equipment, rather an attempt to get under the skin of riders risking life and limb in pursuit of their passion.

42 x 12 — The Cult of Fixed examines the global repercussions of fixed-gear and single-speed bicycle culture. Through contemporary observation and the collaboration of those on the inside from Taiwan to New York, London to Tokyo, 42 x12 gives a unique insight into what’s going on at ground level.

Features within 42 x 12 include: The Tweed Run, as distinguished gents bring style and sophistication to the streets of London; messenger and alley cat racing, requiring the need for more than just speed in an urban environment; indoor and keirin racing, eyeballs out at 150 Revolutions per minute.


  1. hi
    i would like to join this club.
    just to know is this like a professional club that i need to register or somthing or i jsut follow the trip?

    would love to know more :)

  2. Hello eeel.

    No you don't need to register or sign any form to join. Just come to our place and hang out with us often. :P