Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Used Tires?

pic via Pistard Belt

Pistard extends its collection and launches its new accessories collection. First of all, from the cooperation with Jiro-Belt, it comes the collection of "ecological" belts. Carried from the common passion for cycle, Pistard and Jiro-Belt launch their belt collection, derived from skilfully re-worked tyres of bycicle, which has already became a must in urban cycilst's life. 

Available in different sizes, fully coloured or in solid colour, our belts derive from the same passion for bicycle and environment: every piece originates from used tyres, recycled and re-elaborated, customised according to the spirit of its author; each of them with a story to tell, with a common past of passion and struggle, competition and victory and, above all, an undeniable and deep bond with the two-wheels, following us everywhere.

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