Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Share the Road

"I don't think car drivers and cyclist are two opposite camps. We all want to get to our destinations safely, whatever kind of transportation we use. Being a cyclist makes you a better car driver, and being a car driver makes you a better cyclist" - Sean Corker, committee member for the Association of British Drivers.

Everytime me and friends hit the road (the busy one, especially). Cycling around the rustle hustle bustle streets of Kuala Lumpur, we are not going to miss any words and chants from other road users. Some were good, some cynical, some cursing at us because, I guess that we are slowing them down.

From the risk avoiding the potholes and gaps on the road to the thick black smoke from the rotten vehicles. From dodging cars and motorcyclist to escaping from busy traffic jams. And now we have to deal with some inconsiderate drivers who think when they drive a bigger or faster vehicle; they own the road. What is wrong with these people?

Now, the cycling scene has grown. It comes better and better. Many road users now aware about us cyclist, as we acknowledge their 'existence' on the road. So here, there are common things between two parties. 1.) We share the same road. No matter how bumpy and ugly the road is. 2.) As Sean Corker said, we all want to get to our destinations safely. So, think about others. Be considerate. Put yourself in other's shoes.

Ride safe.
Drive safe.

Selamat Hari Raya.

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