Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ride Of Silence - Kuala Lumpur 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010
8:25pm - 10:25pm
will start from Central Market

In remembrance of bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street.

THE RIDE OF SILENCE is not only nation-wide, but world-wide. For that, We are extremely grateful. As a member of one of the few sports where you can be killed as soon as you start, while still learning, this is progress to making the sport safer. The Ride of Silence logo will be a silhouetted cyclist on one bended knee next to his bike. It is to look like any of us, but to represent us all.

ARM BANDS: Arm bands are strongly encouraged. Black for everyone (solidarity in mourning lost cyclists). Red for those who have been injured by motorists. Ask people (teams) to bring their own, but you might bring some extra.

THE COURSE: Distance should be between 8-12 miles. Long enough for cyclists, short enough for non-cyclists. Obviously, if your course is mountainous, or there are some nasty hills on it, keep it short.

BIKE SAFETY; RIDE CONTROL: Everyone is invited to ride, so long as they have a helmet. If they do not, ask that they not participate. Since it is a no talking ride, hand signals will be used. In controlling the ride and pace, you want to think “Funeral Procession.” That is, in fact, what we are recreating. Assign a group (6-8 of the hard core elite) at the front of the pack as “blockers.” Tell them to ride next to each other and control the pace. IF someone breaks loose, showing disrespect for the ride, let them go. We suggest you contact the local police to at least find out how much permit would cost.

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