Thursday, May 13, 2010

Le Tour de Malacca on Feb '10

This is some of our pics during trip to Malacca on Feb 2010

Estimated Distance: 50km
Starting point: Pantai Puteri / Tg. Kling

- 5.00am : depart from kl to Melaka and travelled by cars
- 6.30am : 9 riders arrived at Pantai Puteri
- 7.00am : done assemble our bikes started pedaling to Bandar Melaka (Malacca)
- 1.30pm : 4 more riders arrived Tg. Kling and started pedaling to Bandar Melaka
- 2.15pm : 13 riders gather up at Bandar Melaka opposite Eye On Malacca.
- 2.20pm : we ride around Bandar Melaka.
- 5.30pm : we're tired and heading back to Pantai Puteri
- 6.20pm : arrived at Pantai Puteri and take a rest before dinner
- 8.00pm : after refreshing (take a bath, eating, relaxing), dismantled our bikes and loaded into vehicles
- 8.30pm : get something for dinner. chit-chat, laughing, review all pics taken during our trips.
- 11.45pm: everyong seems exhausted and prepared to get going to our hometown
- 1.30am : everyone safely arrived at our hometown, KL

Mission accomplished! We'll come back coz we'd fun there and enjoy the ride

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